Stash Self Storage Near Me - Steele

3879 N Adams St, Denver, CO 80205
Current Customers: 303.999.0919

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1 Stars - 2 Reviews
Getting a new unit elsewhere ASAP
E. M
February 9, 2020
We have been renting at Extra Space Storage for over a year. No call, email or letting from Stash to let us know. Meth heads moving in. Literally. Will be finding a new unit elsewhere ASAP.
poor customer contact
benigno lopez
January 24, 2020
extra space was the storage i was using. they never contacted me saying they had sold this location. the new phone number for stash self storage hasn't worked. the stash website ui is garbage. i will be paying one months rent and finding a new location. Ryan Nichols Store Manager and Amy Brunell Assistant Manager have been very helpful. they only reason i paid for the month.
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